Tag der Franken – Franconia’s Independence Day

On july 2nd (or the following sunday) Franconians celebrate the establishment of the “Fränkischer Reichskreis” that dates back to the year 1500. For 300 years Franconia was independent until it became the northern part of Bavaria. In a guest post for “Travelgumbo” some time ago I explained the many cultural differences between Franconians and Bavarians – so today is the perfect day to share this here 😉 “Allmächd! A Small Guide to Franconia”

The capital of Franconia, Nuremberg is – in its core – still a medieval city which hosts the world famous “Christkindlesmarkt”. Lesser known is the fact that also Germany’s largest world music festival – which is free of charge! – takes place here. And in 2015 the “Bardentreffen” (Meeting of the Bards) celebrates its 40th edition: from July 30 to August 2 there will be 90 concerts on 9 stages and hundreds of street musicians throughout the old city centre.

Nurembergians are also enthusiastic movie-goers and in the summertime there’s a vivid open-air-cinema culture: in july and august you can see lots of new & old movies in parcs, historic courtyards, public swimming pools, on the roof-top terrace of Germany’s biggest Multiplexcinema and in late industrial buldings.

So, happy “Tag der Franken” … maybe it will not only be independent in spirit, but for real once again 🙂

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