Francis Armitage … Richard Dolarhyde … Let that Lion roar!

“Let that lion roar! Jump – and the net will appear!”
these were the exact words written at the end of my letter – full of astrological musings and whatnot – to Richard Armitage on december 2, 2014.

Seeing the ComicCon trailer for the second half of Hannibal’s season 3, I’d like to think he took my advice serious – let’s call this wishful thinking by Frau von Elm-Dings 😉 but anyway: HE DID IT! HE FUCKING DID IT!

This is the first time, I really see him “unhinged” (in a good way!), absolutely, totally immersed in a role and completely believable. Apart from the fact, that just everything in Hannibal is fake, this doesn’t scream “fake” to me at any point. These six episodes are going to be a real feast. And I really hope he doesn’t stop further exploring his inner depths – there is so much more to discover.

Just in case you are reading this Mr A.:
I hope by playing Dolarhyde you “tasted blood” (pun intended) – this is the way – strip bare of vanity, clothes 😉 leave old fears behind, shed your skin and discover the power of your naked soul.

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