Well it DOES say “moody actor” on the tin …

Yesterday Mr A tweeted that he was leaving San Diego and heading to Vancouver.

For those who are not aware of it: a lot of TV series are being shot in Vancouver and so naturally a lot of stars were returning from SDCC on sunday and the airport was crawling with fans.

Also avid RA fan Lindsay showed up and was lucky enough to spot him. It seems that she was the only one recognizing him and she asked him to pose for a foto with her, which he refused. She then “photobombed” a paparazzi shot and put it up on instagram and twitter, complaining that she never had a worse encounter … a professional “autograph hunter” obviously witnessed the whole thing and is now putting up the pics he took of him and arguing with fans on twitter that if a star doesn’t want to encounter fans at the airport, he probably shouldn’t tweet where he’s heading in the first place … sounds like a legit argument to me 😉


But of course this whole thing is a bit ridiculous. No one should make such a fuzz about an actor who’s not agreeing to having his pic taken with you. File it under your personal “bad luck day” of the year, Lindsay.

But the interesting thing is, that this is – to me – the first time, “the moody actor” actually reared his head somewhat publicly. Only yesterday I’d thought it really a bit preposterous of Mr “Peoplepleaser”, to put this label on his twitter “tin” … but as it seems, fangirls & boys, it’s no urban legend – moody Armitage actually exists 😉

Sadly, there was a need for a —> Part 2 on july 15

29 thoughts on “Well it DOES say “moody actor” on the tin …

    1. frauvonelmdings

      Well, maybe the whole thing was a set-up after all, as it seems now that “the fan” is actually the girlfriend of that paparazzi *lol*, but RA didn’t fell for it and now they’re pi**ed. The world is a bad bad place 😉


      1. Fruity

        Yeah, maybe. According to this exchange, she’s possibly the autograph hunter’s girlfriend. Either way, the incident from how they tell it reeks of entitlement. Dude just said no to having his photo taken and wanted to be on his way, not really a big deal. Instead of respecting that, they take personal offense and try to start a shitstorm. :/

        (Also hello! And sorry that my first comment on your blog is “what a pair of dingbats” >.> )

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  1. Servetus

    They asked, he said no, that’s the end of the transaction in my book. They’ve got nothing to complain about.

    That said, he has refused fan requests for photos before. Paris 2014 (asked for photos while eating in restaurant, warned off by security, fan complained afterwards on Twitter that he was too obedient to security); Madrid 2013 (asked for photo in arrival hall of airport after arriving from Berlin, gave an autograph but said no to photo, whisked away by WB handler, fan complained afterwards on C19); entrance into Old Vic Theatre for 24 hour plays, November 2010 (asked by fan, said no politely, did pose for pics w/fans at the after party, however; fans mentioned w/o complaint on C19). There are probably a few stories I’ve forgotten and they are probably recorded on C19, but those are the ones I am aware of.

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  2. Servetus

    Oh: and — there’s a very old story (was old by the time I became a fan) about a superfan, someone who apparently wrote him a lot of letters, who planned her vacation around going to the RH set and apparently said a lot about it on one of the forums (at the time there were three and they were the only places to talk about Armitage). She went on vacation and came back, posted to say that her fandom had run its course and then disappeared. There was speculation that he recognized her some how and set her straight. But I have no confirmation about it, and like I say, the story was already four years old when I got it told to me (as a cautionary tale about fandom).

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      1. frauvonelmdings

        This is too much. I will not even begin to explain what “Mushishi” is causing in a German brain combined with imagining overenthusiastic female fans. *cringeswithlaughter* anyway it’s 02:30 am over here and my brain needs his beauty sleep too 😉 nightynite


  3. frauvonelmdings

    LOL … now that’s interesting! Oh this is hard to resist. I will NOT voice now the very tempting phrase that instantly popped up in my mind while reading this. No. I just won’t. Bugger off, brain full of puns.

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  4. rashisama

    May I just say this is the same man who came out every night after the Crucible to do the stage door. (maybe a wee bit fast but eh) Also the same man who said he wouldn’t stop until he met everyone at an unplanned signing with security breathing down his back

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  5. Sathien Amell (@bae_warden)

    YOU take a long-ass flight from San Diego to Canada and try to not be tired too. ever occur to you that maybe he just needs to get out of the airport coz he has a lot of stuff to let go of and a lot of preparation he needs/wants to do? he’s not there for a vacation, he’s there to work. airports are literally the WORST place for unplanned photos and autographs from celebs because a lot of them are coming in from far parts of the world and are just tired af, it’s not that they don’t wanna deal with fans, it’s that they need space, has that EVER occurred to anyone? these actors don’t owe us anything when they’re not working, and in an airport, actors are not at work, they’re just people trying to make it through a busy building full of people. why be salty that an actor has the free will to say no when he has to?

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    1. Servetus

      She wasn’t criticizing him for not acceding to the request. She was saying that it didn’t fit with the picture she had of him as people-pleaser.

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  6. jollytr

    I can’t tell you how happy I was to read your follow up note that it was essentially a set up by a couple of ulterior-motive whingers. It’s not a notable thing that he refused a pic, but her slamming him was just ott under the circumstances. I hope their whinging does not get traction because that would just give them a payoff they don’t deserve … and a rep that RA doesn’t deserve.

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    1. Servetus

      The best way for things not to get traction is for people not to respond to them. I know that’s hard on Twitter. But if everyone ignores them, they will go away. They want attention.

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  7. sparkhouse1

    After accommodating fans and interviewers and who knows who for two or three days at Comic Con I don’t blame him a bit for not wanting to deal with anyone while in an airport. Or out to dinner.


  8. mujertropical

    We all know how stressed out he must have been after doing all that Press in LA and then the Con. Then he went straight to the airport after the autograph session and – as history witnesses – had the novel in hand, reading and taking notes. Obviously I wasn’t there but I know people give off a “don’t talk to me” vibe when they’re in a hurry and have lots of work. Couldn’t she have just waved? Of course not, because it was a setup. These people are leeches. The prize of fame…


  9. frauvonelmdings

    Just to make my point clear: personally, I wouldn’t in my wildest dreams bother anyone “famous” for an autograph / pic while encountering them in public when they are clearly on a “private mission”. That probably results from the fact, that I’ve been working in the cinema/distribution business for years in the past. I don’t think that through purchasing movie tickets, DVDs, audiobooks or whatnot one automatically obtains any right to disturb the privacy of the artist at any given moment – or at all!
    So I don’t blame him for anything. I am actually congratulating him, that – people-pleaser or not – he is able to refuse requests, when he is just not in the mood for “fan-encounters”. As Servetus said: “They asked him. He refused. Case closed.” From what I’ve witnessed so far, I’d really pictured him yielding to any “stand & deliver” fan-demands – so, good for him that this obviously isn’t the case 😉


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