Moody Actor’s “Airport-Gate” … Part 2

Sorry. After my mouth literally hung open for about half a minute after reading this: #RichardArmitage is too good for this world via @rashisama1 I now feel the need to swear in german as loud as possible: JA SCHEISS DOCH DIE WAND AN! *sorrydogsandnoIamnotalright* … He is now FOLLOWING THE “He deserves all the hate he gets. I’ve never met a bigger asshole in my entire life.” WOMAN on twitter?? I need a Schnaps – PRONTO! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH.

Dear Richard, please remove the adjective “moody” from your profile description or change it to “moody, but only while I’m alone and hiding in my closet or recording messages for my cell phone tbh” – thank you so much.

So, if SOMEONE wants to cheer my TOTALLY DEVESTATED self up, he might follow me too on twitter. But since I won’t stoop so low as to insult him in really creative ways and countless tweets, this might not happen.

OK I’m outta here. If anyone needs me, I’ll first join Servetus in banging my head on a hard surface several times and then I’ll be staring into the unknown for a while.

-> Part 1

16 thoughts on “Moody Actor’s “Airport-Gate” … Part 2

  1. Servetus

    I don’t get why he’d reward such horrible behavior, or essentially do something that will encourage further harassment from people who call themselves fans.

    Then again, I don’t understand why fans give trolls what they want by magnifying this all over. If everyone had simply ignored those people, they’d be gone already.

    Frustrating because I’d just revived my picture of him.

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      1. SH

        This is the part that bothers me the most…. and some other pretty dedicated fans as well. How many times do we tell him we love / support him, without acknowledgement – which I’m willing to accept – yet this witch & her crowd call him a d*** and a****** repeatedly and she gets followed for DAYS??? I understand things are probably happening under the surface, but it’s still damn irritating, at minimum. And creates even more confusion for me about what he and Cybersmiles are really about.

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    1. jholland

      I can’t help but start speculating. Was he concerned about all the grossly rude words they were slinging somehow reflecting badly on him? As a CyberSmile Ambassador, etc.? I think most reasonable people would conclude that they’re the ones with the attitude problem, not him. It’s not as if every celebrity must stop and pose for pictures no matter the time and place. And who knows what he said when he declined to stop and pose for this clearly pushy and entitled individual, but it would have to be egregious to merit the overblown response, and while I could see him being brusque, it’s a little hard to imagine him being egregiously awful to anyone. Wish he’d ignored it all. Not that it’s any of my business. LOL =)

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  3. valsgal1999

    Since my inquiring mind wanted to know what their description of “rude” was, I did ask. This is what I got..Tone, what his response was. Wouldnt look at the person. Look on his face. Its not like this is my first time watching this. She and her husband get the autographs to sell, and the other guy takes the pics. I did not like their attitude that they are entitled to get an autograph or picture at any time or place. And if they don’t get what they want they can call someone rude, and much worse.

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  4. CraMERRY

    Fluchen und Alkohol können den Druck abbauen. Ändern leider nichts am “Problem”. Schade, die Beschreibung “moody” ist reinstes Wishful Thinking. Hey Mr. A, wenn dein allzugut versteckter innerer Kotzbrocken mal sein Haupt erhebt und von der Kette gelassen werden will, dann bitte, bitte zerre ihn nicht gleich wieder zurück!

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  5. suzy

    Ich dachte ja erst das ist ein Scherz aber nada! I need a Schnaps, too. Falls er die Schauspielerei mal aufgeben muss wartet das Priesterseminar bestimmt schon….

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  6. suzy

    Oh jeh, war das jetzt wieder zu böse? Langsam aber sicher weiss man nicht mehr was man schreiben kann und soll. Was humorvoll gemeint ist kann und wird flugs und bestimmt von irgend jemand ins Gegenteil verkehrt – schade! Die Zensur ist überall und watching you!!! 👇

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