Pimp your Fandom! The admiRAtion Bingo is here!

Bored by the same comments on every Richard pic on twitter?
That must not be! Print out this special admiRAtion Bingo sheet to be prepared for Richard’s next selfie tweet! Mark every comment you’ll find and just yell “LOVE!” when you’ve completed a row, column or diagonal and ignore any astonished looks – bring back the fun to the fandom!

14 thoughts on “Pimp your Fandom! The admiRAtion Bingo is here!

      1. TheMissGreen

        We actually do something similar on staff development days (which every teacher loathes because we would all rather be doing “real” work in our classrooms). (Well, those of us on the secret Anti-Social Committee play it. We have cards with all of the educational catchphrases of the moment on it, and whoever hears them all first texts “bullshit!” to the others. Whoever texts first gets a free margarita at the next happy hour.

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        1. valsgal1999

          A roundabout drinking game. I’m a parent of a teenager and work P/T at a local school. I am familiar with some of those “educational catchphrases” and shake my head at some of them.

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        2. TheMissGreen

          The catchphrases become so clichéd. I am so tired of rewriting school mission statements every other year. Can’t we just pick one, be happy with it, and go back to doing actual work on behalf of actual students? Can’t we have truth in advertising and just say that our true mission statement is “Ideal High School where students pass the standardized tests!”


        1. valsgal1999

          So it’s this generations word for ‘soulmate? I hate hearing that word. I started to keep track every time someone used it to see how long it would take before they broke up.

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