The Red Dragon set my Brain on Fire while I was on a Pilgrimage …

My Pilgrimage or rather: #PilgRAimage pictures from april got some likes again yesterday. So while the Red Dragon is about to spread its wings on NBC and the actor who is responsible for all of this is trying to deal with brains on fire, some people out there are obviously also interested in previous projects 😉

So it seems like a good time to put together the outcome of my April Fools’ joke on twitter:


The paintings inspired by the idea of drawing on set like a ‘court artist’ in order of their appearance on twitter:


Brother Baldrick appeared in the hilarious “The Archbishop” episode from “Black Adder” – as a relics dealer 😉


So instead of sharpening 1 axe for 4 hours (like in preparation for the Crucible) I imagined him downing 4 beers in 1 hour 😉

Idea occurred after seeing the first pics from the Pilgrimage set on twitter while Richard was still shooting Hannibal in Toronto.


For German readers who don’t get the joke: the english title of the 80s movie “Auf der Jagd nach dem grünen Diamanten” was “Romancing the Stone”.

This is a slightly altered version of “Gisborne revisited” – honestly I was really hoping that he would play one of the monks – though not necessarily the ‘mute laybrother’ 😉

A reference to William Goldman’s “The Princess Bride”

This is – again – a reference to my favorite “Black Adder” episode “The Archbishop” from season 1 😉

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