RAndom acts of kindness … harder than I imagined: my days 1 & 2

3 days ago, RAmused chatted me up and told me of her nice idea to devote the month up to Richard Armitage’s 44th birthday to “RAndom acts of kindness” as some sort of a birthday present for him. Read her full blog post here.

So, when her report of day 2 and the encounter with Tom, the homeless guy, just came in, I reflected on MY last two days. This project was really on my mind and I was prepared for it … but somehow it didn’t work out so far …

Day 1 – july 22
If I count saving a small moth from drowning in a glass of water or rescuing one of the three hedgehogs that live in my garden from the dogs who were distressing him or putting a young bird back into the nest … then I might name this my “RAndom act of kindness Disney style day” – with me starring as Snow White 😉

Day 2 – july 23
Sorry. But there were just zero chances for me to commit a #RAandomAoK today. However, if I count the mass of brainless drivers who seemingly obtained their licenses in the lottery that I HAVEN’T killed but just flipped the bird at … haha … as I said: zero chances.
So this happens to be a “black day” for #RAndomAoK and accordingly the stills suiting today’s mood were taken from Russ Meyer’s classic “Faster Pussycat, kill, kill!”

But I’m not giving up on this yet! Servetus’ last weeks “Gone with the Wind” Free Will astrology horoscope discussion comes to mind – Scarlett would just say: “Tomorrow is another day.”

8 thoughts on “RAndom acts of kindness … harder than I imagined: my days 1 & 2

  1. TheMissGreen

    Saving that moth from drowning meant the entire world to that moth. Same for the baby bird and the hedgehogs. I love hedgehogs, btw. They are so incredibly cute.

    As to the other drivers…I periodically look at people and wonder if they are alive today only because homicide is illegal. 🙂 perhaps your kindness doe the day was not “eating the rude”.

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    1. frauvonelmdings

      Let me tell you that hedgehogs have fleas. 😉 and one didn’t mind biting ME last week *itchscratch* … but this is me, carrying exhausted bumblebees to flowers, snails/toads across the road, picking up earthworms who would roast on the pavement when the sun sets in after the rain and putting them on the lawn again. I just can’t help noticing (maybe because I’m closer to the floor with me being only 5ft2 lol) and then I can’t walk past.
      And – back to the drivers – I think “the rude” wouldn’t taste so good 😉


      1. TheMissGreen

        How adorable! And I don’t care that they have fleas. Funny you should mention tribbles. I used to own one of the authentic ones that rolled over Capt. Kirk when he opened that overhead bin. Haven’t seen it in years now, and I’m running out of boxes to look in.

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  2. Duke Dog (@DukeTheDogg)

    I don’t mean to barrage into this conversation, but I just wanted to say that random acts of kindness should not be done just to honor someone you don’t know personally for his birthday. I’m sure Mr. Armitage is a wonderful person and all, except I don’t know if he really cares that you devote yourselves to these kind gestures. I believe random acts of kindness should be done because it makes you feel like a better human being. Broadcasting your every good deed doesn’t warrant that Mr. Armitage or the rest of the world will recognize it and acknowledge what a great human being you are. You should do things because they make feel good and give the peace of mind that you have done good in this world. By the way, great job at making world a better place.


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    1. frauvonelmdings

      Hi 🙂 thanks for your valid opinion …. I think there is a saying like “Doing good and talk about it” … I would have helped those animals in any event (and felt good by doing it). It just happens that during this month these and hopefully following acts of kindness will be dedicated to someone, who constantly tries to act kind towards others in a way I haven’t encountered in a long time.
      Normally I wouldn’t talk about what I’m doing. But I’ve found that ‘doing good and talking about it’ can inspire others to be more aware of what happens around them. And something like buying a coffee for a homeless person – like RAmused did – is a bit harder than shooing the dogs away from a hedgehog – and a really good example how we can & should connect to others and show more empathy in our lives. 🙂


    2. Servetus

      I personally think that it doesn’t matter why someone does a good deed or whether they talk about it or keep silent. To me, one of the major problems in the Armitage fandom is that people are very mean to and judgemental of each other, so I welcome hearing stories of people who are thinking about ways to be kind. If Armitage inspires people to act well, that’s great, but if he inspires them, it doesn’t matter whether he cares about it or not, they still do the good deed. Because the thing is — if you save a hedgehog because you would anyway, or because you want to honor the reputation of someone you admire, or because you think it will make girls or guys love you, or because you get a Girl Scout badge for doing it, whether you talk about it, or whether you keep silent, in the end, you were still kind to the hedgehog and the hedgehog was saved. That’s the point — the action, not the motivation.


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