Richard Armitage, Hannibal & the 7 Year Itch … more astrological musings

Now that the second half of Hannibal’s season 3 is in full swing and there’s a lot of appreciation of Mr. A’s take on the role circulating the web, I’ve reviewed some of my astrological musings from earlier this year today.

It all started in february on Servetus blog “me + richard armitage”, with a guest post in three parts – because I didn’t wanted to start blogging myself … ha. There had been some uproar in the fanbase about his take on this particular gory role and I wanted to share my personal astrological insights to help fans find a better understanding for his motivation and also share a theory I’d formed about the fans-actor relationship per se.

During research for the article, I found this hilarious picture from Disney’s “Hercules” – looks like Dolarhyde on his way to mount Erebor to me 😉

The title was: “Why Richard Armitage IS Francis Dolarhyde … and you should love him anyway” … those who are up for a little spiritual journey, check out the link. It is in small parts a bit obsolete, as I know his real time of birth now, but overall still legit. Mainly the timeframe for the “moonstruck Plutos” changed towards the years 1961-1965 and his ascendant is in another (but also fiery) sign than I’d expected.

About two months ago I then wrote the following post on my tumblr (yes, I’d finally succumbed to blogging *sigh*) which – especially regarding the ecstatic responses about episode 3.10 so far – seems to be pretty accurate. Mr. A gives an intense portrayal of a scarred body & soul and from what I have seen so far, I’m very glad that he didn’t shy away from this role.

Richard Armitage, Hannibal & the 7 Year Itch –
more astrological musings by FrauVonElmDings

Many “well-wishers” of Mr. A are still wondering if his decision to play the “Red Dragon” in Hannibal’s 3rd season would prove to be a wise one.

So I’ve been stargazing again today and followed the path of transiting Jupiter. We all witnessed a Jupiter accompanied success story this year: on may 12 – the night of the Olivier Awards – he was conjunct Mark Strong’s Sun in Leo. Under the influence of this “ego-boost” he was awarded the Olivier for best male actor.

Some days before the ceremony I’d been checking the nominee’s charts and transits and was “inspired” to do a little predictive comic (not in Mr. A’s favour, but – as we know now – I nailed it):

Now Jupiter is moving further along and will touch – beginning from the end of july until mid september Mr. A’s Venus, Sun, Mercury and Moon. So this sounds very promising for a positive outcome of his Hannibal engagement! Fans should watch out especially for the episode airing on august 6, as Mercury and Venus will add additional positive vibes then. So maybe this might be the one, with the scene that – according to showrunner Bryan Fuller – drew gasps from the whole crew 😉

But even the sweetest smelling roses have thorns: during the same time transiting Saturn conjuncts Mr. A’s Neptune and Jupiter and squares his Venus and Sun. So this is also an important time to put things on the right track. Saturn always forces us to take a stand, evaluate and also detach from things we don’t need anymore (and there WILL be things to detach from!).To connect both events: this may result in the situation, that in the wake of an enormous Hannibal-success naturally the question “what next?” may arise.

If Mr. A would care to provide his exact time of birth *cough* – one might tell exactly which areas of life will be influenced by this transit. (I didn’t had the time back then! It found its way to me shortly thereafter.) The best thing to do when Saturn is involved is to stay grounded and try to make the right decisions about problems that will present themselves now – probably how to follow dreams and in what projects to engage in the future. Also to be mindful of one’s health (in this case in particular the heart) is a topic that shouldn’t be ignored under such a significant transit.

Saturn is in fact the astrological explanation for the “7 year itch” phenomenon 😉 so, wrong decisions made during this time, might haunt one in about 7 years from now, when slow moving Saturn will make the next hard aspect to the mentioned planets …

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