Richard Armitage’s off-screen chemistry with … astrologically examined

To follow up the musings about Richard’s on-screen chemistry with four different actors, I chose four different persons he’s been interacting with off-screen: two directors, a “showrunner” and a journalist.

Let’s start with his longest “working relationship” so far:
Richard Armitage & Peter Jackson
Peter is a Scorpio and his Sun makes a Quintile aspect to Richard’s Sun in Leo. This is a “talent” aspect, which in this case of two egos involved, leads to a massive amount of creative energy. To prevent this energy from “running amok” it has to be controlled. This is where Peter’s Pluto comes in: he is conjunct Richard’s Moon. This is the “Pluto gets moonstruck” aspect: the Pluto-person is turned on by the emotional nature of the Moon-person (there is a quote of Peter out there somewhere, saying something like he admires Richard’s real life shyness and how he can completely transform himself when he’s on-screen). Since Pluto is not gently, but rather passionate, it strives to get the Moon under his spell in turn and will have no scruples to push the Moon almost emotionally “over the edge” in the process. I think reader’s have heard of Peter’s famous acting note to Richard: “Stop throwing up, get up & continue to fight.” …

The most intense interaction with a journalist we’ve witnessed as of yet:
Richard Armitage & Marlise Boland
Marlise is a Sagittarius with a natal Sun-Mars conjunction – she radiates a lot of energy! While she shares the same aspect with Richard as Peter Jackson: her Pluto conjunct Richard’s Moon, her Sun-&-Mars are square to Richard’s Moon. Her Venus is conjunct his Jupiter, which is a very nice thing to have: it mainly translates as “having fun and a really good time together”, but since her Venus squares his natal Venus, there is also a hint for potential disharmony. So in this case, it is likely, that the Moon-person will be fascinated at first, but might pull away after some time, because it feels overwhelmed by all that energy/demands directed at him from Sun, Mars and Pluto.

The director that managed to “lure” him back on stage:
Richard Armitage & Yael Farber
Yael is an Aquarius with a natal stellium consisting of Mars-Jupiter-Moon-Neptune in Scorpio (Mars) and Sagittarius. So from this stellium – her emotional core being – there is a Quintile aspect to Richard’s Mars and North Node and also a square to his Sun – so her emotions equally hit his ego & got his “motor” (Mars) running. Also Richard’s Sun and Venus are conjunct her South Node, which points to a karmic relationship: these two have “unfinished business” from the past to deal with in this life. Their Suns are connected by a quincunx, which would lead to egos breaking up and reconnecting in a constant dance. A good thing for an artistically inspiring relationship!

The showrunner who made him an offer he couldn’t refuse:
Richard Armitage & Bryan Fuller
Bryan is also a Leo, but there is no Sun-on-Sun ego-clash here, so this is really more like a “tarred with the same brush” experience. Bryan’s Sun makes a trine to Richard’s “big-dreams-aspect”, his natal Neptune-Jupiter conjunction, so he is in fact “shining a light on” these dreams. Even further encouraging them with his Mars directly conjunct Richard’s Neptune and again a Quintile aspect from Mars to Mars: so here’s talent in action! Other than with Peter, in this case, Richard is likely to put a foot down, when Bryan’s imagination tries to spiral out of control, because his Saturn is opposite Bryan’s Mars – I’ll only mention the so far voiced “dealbreakers” at this point 😉 The best thing at last: their Moons trine each other – so we have an instant emotional connection and trust in each other.

So, if anyone wants to hire me for some quick casting checks after these little astrological “field trips” – just give me a call 😉

Edit: oh and all you longterm Armitage-bloggers out there! I wanna do part 3: #RichardArmitage ‘s astro-chemistry with bloggers – anyone up for it? No RL names!

Edit august, 9: as all is quiet on the blogging front – part three is about Richard encountering “The Witches of Erebor” 😉

Edit august, 15: five brave and curious bloggers agreed to form part 4 of the “Richard’s chemistry with …” series 🙂

17 thoughts on “Richard Armitage’s off-screen chemistry with … astrologically examined

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      1. bunnysgirl86

        Hi 🙂 I am new on your blog , and what you just wrote it is very interesting 🙂 I did my synastry with him , my moon is in Libra , but on 0.18 degrees , and if I born a couple hours earlier I would be a moon in Virgo . But my 5th house is in Virgo 🙂 His mars is in my MC . His North Node is on my MC also . I have Uranus , Pluto and Saturn contacts with him . Looks like , my Sun trines his Sun 🙂 please come and read my first post on my blog 🙂 I am into astrology and I very much like that Gentleman , Richard 🙂 Thanks 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. suzy

    Bryan Fuller ist ein früher Löwe und das harmoniert? Löwe und Löwe? 2 starke Egos? Wie lange oder Ab wann geht der Einfluss des Mars?


    1. frauvonelmdings

      Da die beiden Sonnen nicht direkt “zusmmenstossen” geht es. Prinzipiell ist ein Grundverständnis da “zwei vom gleichen Schlag” so in der Art 😉 der Mars Einfluss ist dauerhaft – dies sind ja Aspekte zwischen den beiden Geburtshoroskopen.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Guylty

    Again – interesting. And now the – expectable – question from the doubting Thomas: When you interpret the astrological charge in relation to the two personalities, how much is influenced by your own knowledge of the two people in question? This is a real question, not a hidden criticism. (If anything, I find it scarily accurate how the stars predict the relationships between these people…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frauvonelmdings

      When I know things about certain circumstances/events or personal likes/dislikes, it’s inevitable that examples that apply to the aspects I’m examining pop up in my head.
      The things that DID pop up in these latest astrological finger exercises really did amaze me, too!
      I had a talk with my mother, the still more experienced astrologer of the family, about some of the coherences that appeared in that research and how I was startled by some and she just laughed and said “See, this is why my fascination for astrology probably won’t cease ever!”


      1. Guylty

        I’m sure it is fascinating to find the coherences. To test the question whether the coherences are there and the RL examples are the proof, you should really examine a future co-star of Richard’s and see what their on-screen chemistry will be like. You’d be uninfluenced by reviews or by having seen them act together. How about doing this research for Armitage and Carrie-Ann Moss, or Armitage and Ahna O’Reilly. Or even further in the future, for Armitage and his co-star in the Mine-Sweeping thriller? It would be interesting to put it to the test once we see the finished film… Still a good while before they will come out, but hey, doesn’t look as if we are giving up on Armitage any time soon, eh? 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Guylty

          Yes, but we have already seen her act with Armitage in the teaser… Have you forgotten her teasing little bum-rub???? And that would influence your perception 😀

          Liked by 1 person

        2. frauvonelmdings

          Bilbo wasn’t an intimate co-star either … I would find it interesting as I haven’t seen anything with Bernthal yet. This is very different with Carrie-Ann Moss – apart from “Matrix” I loved her in “Fido” and in the wonderful movie “Snow Cake” alongside Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Guylty

          Bernthal is probably your best bet. At least we *know* he is in the mix. Unless you want to limit it to females. Chloe Gratz Moretz might be another potential candidate?


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