Richard Armitage’s on-screen chemistry with … astrologically examined.

Watching Richard Armitage’s great performance with Rutina Wesley in Hannibal triggered the stargazer in me. So I searched for compatibility clues in their charts … and while I was at it, also went to look up some other great examples from Richard’s past for a proper comparison – here is what I found – I might add, that astrology never ceases to amaze me:

Richard Armitage & Rutina Wesley
Rutina is a very last degree Sagittarius and Richard an almost last degree Leo – so their fiery Suns / Egos trine each other and blend well together.
But the aspect that mainly caught my eye is a so called Moon-Mars “double whammy”, i.e. both their Moons are conjunct the other’s Mars. The Moon represents our emotional core and the female principle while Mars stands for the male principle. So these two will form a lively couple with strong instinctive reactions towards each other. Interestingly, between these “double whammy”s there is another aspect to be found: a quincunx. A lot of people don’t like this aspect, because it is not a stable, but a “searching” one. Planets connected this way keep losing each other and are thus constantly forced to reconnect in different ways – shifting and changing – a “dance with an earthquake”. To me, this mirrors perfectly the strange relationship between Reba and Francis.

Richard Armitage & Dawn French
The finale of “The Vicar of Dibley” featured an unusual pairing: the lanky “handsome stranger” as the petite Vicar’s love-at-first-sight interest. Dawn is a Libra and although their Suns don’t aspect each other directly, Leo & Libra would be considered as “compatible” signs per se. Furthermore their Moons (both in earth signs) trine each other: so these two are likely to share an instant emotional connection (o.k. I know, it is beginning to sound creepy 😉 ). But that wasn’t all of it, was it? I don’t want to sound politically incorrect, but Dawn herself was never shy to talk about her weight “problem” … so what I’m trying to say is, that their appearance as a couple was strong, but a bit unusual – a clue: they have a Mars-Uranus double-whammy! Those two will encourage each other to “push the envelope”, but as Dawn’s Pluto is also conjunct Richard’s Sun, she is the one that will be “pushing” a bit more 😉

Richard Armitage & Daniela Denby-Ashe
I think every fan of the BBC’s “North & South” will agree with me, that the chemistry between its two protagonists was through the roof. They both are born in the last days of Leo and so their Suns are conjunct each other. This can be quite harmonious as in “birds of a feather”, but Sun-on-Sun can also provoke an enormous clash of egos. So, this is exactly what their on-screen relationship was like at first. But the second remarkable aspect is a Moon-Moon opposition – Richard’s in Virgo and Daniela’s in Pisces – this reads as “opposites attract” and can bring out strong emotions in one another. Because each of them approaches emotional issues from a different view point, the partners will – in the end – balance each other out perfectly. Well, this is their story in a nutshell, isn’t it?

Finally here’s the on-screen relationship that moved fans to tears recently:
Richard Armitage & Martin Freeman
As they are born about 2 weeks apart from each other in the same year, all of the slower moving planets are in almost exactly the same spot. The extraordinary thing is here, that they share one of the strongest double whammys imaginable: each other’s Moon is aspecting each’s Sun. With this there comes a feeling that you can rely on one another. The Moon person compliments the Sun person’s ego and these two feel totally at ease in each other’s company. This is in fact THE ultimate marriage aspect! So, no wonder that fans are shipping these two as “Bagginshield” 😉 As they both have a natal Mars-Uranus trine connected to each other’s, at the same time, they have no problem to break out in sudden arguments with each other either. In the end, the caring aspect is stronger so all in all this creates really great emotional chemistry.

So, I’m not saying that they all only acted in these roles as convincing as they did, because “the stars” favorited it – but it certainly did help 😉

What I’m truly wondering now, is if really good casting directors are also secretly astrologers (or consult them) or if they are just born experts in knowing people?

Edit: I had so much fun doing this little astrological “finger excercise” that I did it again: so now part 2 with Richard’s off-screen chemistry is up here.

4 thoughts on “Richard Armitage’s on-screen chemistry with … astrologically examined.

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  3. Guylty

    Interesting! As always, most of this goes way over my head. But it is tempting to think that there are forces beyond our reach that determine how we get along with each other. Might also be a bit of a cop-out 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frauvonelmdings

      I can tell you, that astrologers are the worst when it comes to selfdiagnosis in relationships 😉 … I bet there is no single one out there, that hasn’t fallen prey to putting on the rose-tinted-glasses and looking only at the seductive and pleasing aspects and talking himself into “they will surely outweigh any graver aspect” …


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