Richard Armitage’s chemistry with … Richard III

Choosing a name for one’s children is a difficult task. A name holds power. Some would go with tradition, some search for a completely unique one, some might even get into heated discussions about “the right one” with their spouse or relatives. In Richard’s case the decision that was already made (“I might have been called Russell”) was altered because his actual birthdate was related to King Richard III.

From a radio interview with Rick Astley from MagicFM on april 7, 2013:
“I’m actually named after him because I was born on the 22nd of August, which is the day that he died on Bosworth Field, so my father was interested in him, so I always grew up a little bit angry at my dad for naming me after a hunchback monster. But then he explained to me that he was just a, perhaps, a misinterpreted king so that’s something that’s become a passion of mine as well.”
Asked if he was planning to do a film about Richard III he answered: “Um… I wish. No, I’m not doing a film about Richard III, but it’s something which is, it’s an interest, it’s a passion of mine and obviously they’ve recently discovered his burial place and they’ve done a facial reconstruction. Um … it’s an on-going project that may or may not come to fruition, but it doesn’t, you know, bend my, sway my interest in it.”

As my astrological curiosity in what triggers such “on-going interest” never ceases – and today’s the day – here are my, slightly lengthier than usual, “chemistry” musings about:

Richard Armitage and Richard III
Ok – royalty first: now this may come as a surprise to some, but Richard III’s birthday on october 2, 1452 (as well as his deathday on august 22, 1485) conforms to the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar, which is today internationally the most widely used. So, to draw up his horoscope the “Old Style” date needs to be converted, so his deathday – in our calendar – would be in fact august 31, 1485. His time of birth is given on with “Rodden rating: C” which stands for “caution, no source known”. I found a very interesting article from an experienced british astrologer who did a lot of research about Richard III. In his opinion this time of birth, which would give him a Scorpio Ascendant (not the best liked in mediaeval times) is rather questionable.


In my opinion Scorpio rising might indeed be right, but I can also relate to his conclusion, that it might have been Virgo rising – but we will never know, so I’ll settle for “high noon” as one does, when there is no known time of birth: Richard III’s Sun is in airy, even-handed Libra and his Moon possibly in strongminded Taurus (shortly after noon it would change to Gemini, which I really couldn’t picture).

One thing that is striking is the conjunction of Sun & Saturn. Sun is our willpower and Saturn stands for restrictions, rules, stability. In medical astrology, the Sun stands for the heart, but also for the spine – so this combination of Sun & Saturn could indeed point to his physical restrictions. In general, Saturn would put a real damper on this Libra Sun’s “airiness”. This is a serious “nothing in life is for free” aspect, that makes you work hard and even then, success is often not easily achieved. This is heightened by his Mars (in Aries “the warrior”) opposite this Sun & Saturn pairing as it indicates that your life might actually resemble a “battlefield” most of the time and there’s a severe conflict between your desires and your sense of responsibility.

And there is a second powerful triangle aspect between Moon and Venus (opposite each other) with both making a square aspect to Jupiter. Jupiter always acts as an amplifier – and in this case, he enhances a tendency to feel unloved, followed by a hunger for affection and an imbalance between personal needs and social relationships. The “misinterpreted king”, indeed.

Another force, that links Sun and Moon by a Quintile, is Pluto. Pluto in Leo has an enormous energy potential and this could provide transforming healing powers to both “parties” … but as “Will” and “Soul” are not connected directly, it still feels like taking a detour. As if all of this wasn’t enough: Richard III’s Chiron – his wounded healer – is conjunct his South Node (his past/childhood/past life) – so there is both pain and knowledge of healing – he should have the ability to “heal himself”, but the process is never easy.

So – all in all – no matter in what houses all these aspects manifest – this might be the description of a man, who was fighting against himself most of his life. Of course there are some positive aspects among all those “high voltage” one’s – the strongest include Mercury – the planet of communication. So I can see a warrior and certainly someone you’d better not cross (I have an Aries Mars myself 😉 ) but not a ruthless villain. But since this image (and until recently also his body) was cemented over 500 years, it might not change anytime soon. Even “Shrek’s” evil Lord Farquaard and Guy of Gisborne feature the “Richard III”-bad-boy-look.


Cue “Guy of Gisborne” – now let’s see, which points of Richard III’s chart make important aspects to Richard Armitage’s:

There are indeed some aspects that might point to a karmic or fated relationship. First: Richard’s Vertex Axis – the Ascendant of the soul / our essential self – aligns with Richard III’s Nodal Axis and his Chiron. The Vertex also plays an important part in our creativity, so the life purpose of the Node-person – and in this case also his painful experiences! – are likely to be a strong inspiration for the Vertex-person.

The King’s “warrior Mars” conjuncts Richard’s midheaven (the house of public status, vocation and career) and Chiron – a very energizing aspect! With all Chiron contacts comes a sense of healing and deliverance like: “this person is in my life to make me whole again” which goes both ways! So maybe Richard will (or should?) indeed retell this misunderstood king’s story at some point … Richard III’s Pluto on his Ascendant adds to this possibility: as the Pluto-person can have a strong spiritual, transformative effect on the Ascendant persons basic consciousness and self-awareness.

So – many happy returns for Richard “the living” today and a peaceful rest (and possible future redemption) to Richard “the dead” 🙂

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