Richard’s chemistry with … my source material & a little glossary

For those wondering, what exactly it is that I’m looking at, while trying to create a “mind-map” and a short description of someone’s chemistry with Richard.

The first 12 pics are so called bi-wheels or synastry charts: each is a combination of Richard’s planets (on the outer circle) with one of the nine bloggers (inner circle) that participated so far in part 1 and part 2 plus me & the other two “Witches of Erebor“.


The second 12 pics are midpoint or composite charts: this looks like a normal natal chart, but is a combination of two charts where the points between the two Suns and all other planets are calculated and thus form a new completely new chart.


All charts in random order – for the really curious one’s: I’m bottom right in each 😉

Key to aspect colors:
Orange is the color for a conjunction, i.e. planets are about 0°-7° apart
Red aspects can be energizing or stressful (opposition 180° / square 90°)
Blue aspects are harmonious (sextile 60° / trine 120°)
Cyan aspects are inspiring (quintile 72°)
Green aspects are “searching” contacts (half-sextile 30° / quincunx 150°)
Yellow aspects can be a little obsessive (quindecile 165°)


So – everyone who participated should now be able – with the help of my description and the glossary – to find at least his bi-wheel picture. 😉

16 thoughts on “Richard’s chemistry with … my source material & a little glossary

      1. RAmused

        They finally showed up. I think it was too many to download quickly.

        You should consider adding the charts to the posts that they belong to, I think.It would make it easier for readers to refer back to when you talk about the various aspects.


        1. KellyDS

          since I’m not even sure what my chart shows anyway, I don’t mind 🙂 unless it says Richard & I would be a horrible match & fight all the time or something; that would blow the “100% emotionally compatible” bio-rhythms result of mine right out of the water…. 😀

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  1. RAmused

    You’ve got a ton of aspects hitting his chart. More than anyone else it looks like. So the green aspects, the searching ones, to use an analogy, is it like two people in the same room separated by a curtain? They know the other is there but they can’t “see” each other?

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    1. frauvonelmdings

      Planets connected by a green aspect will have to make an effort to “connect”. And the connection is not permanent. Every time planet A wants to talk to Planet B he will have to call him again. Sometimes B changed his number and A will have to search for another way of communication. I’ve described the quincunx in the chemistry with Yael and Rutina.

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  2. frauvonelmdings

    Re. the number of aspects: all bi-wheels were calculated with the same planets/points involved and using the same orbs. In any event: we all know, size doesn’t matter – it’s quality over quantity 😉
    Two of the green ones in my case are due to my natal Pluto – Sun / Uranus – North Node quincunx’. Because we are similar in age, his Pluto and Uranus are almost in the same spot and therefore mirroring my natal ones. And Mercury quincunx Mercury is an interesting one as we are literally not speaking the same language 😉


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