Moonstruck … part 2: a full moon, PMS & crazy theories about Richard Armitage

In about 5 hours the moon will be full. Since I woke up this morning I’ve been trying hard not to follow her example:

So only coffee but no breakfast before walking the dogs!
The breakfast after walking the dogs however included two big slices of toast, soaked in maple sirup, with custard and blueberries.
OK. I need a distraction. Pronto, because the fridge is full.
And. I. Still. Feel. Hungry.

So I played the viola until the fingertips of my right hand felt liked I’ve touched an electric fence and my bow arm threatened to fall off.

A vivid image of cheese pops up in my head…
Shut up brain, this is not going to happen.

So I sat down and played the piano for about half an hour – found out that in the first of my old sheet music books, which my dad gave back to me last weekend, there’s a note from my grandma: I’ve successfully finished that first part in January 1980 … awwww … sweet 🙂 … surely it’s time to have some bread and cheese now?

OK. There is only a small rest of a franconian “Obatzder” left … if you define small as in “an inch high on your toast” …

I need a distraction that involves more exercise. It’s too hot to take the dogs for another walk, but … hot … yeah ok I have some watering to do out in the garden, so shlepping the big watering pot around might qualify. A bit of digging in the dirt won’t hurt either.

One hour later … walking over to the fridge. Opening it. Taking a good look around. Closing it. Standing in front of it, looking hard at the closed door.

That won’t do. Grabbing the fags and heading to the terrace … normally I don’t smoke before sundown, but at least this will add no weight. An image of a stupid old anti-smoking-ad drifts through my head: Smoking makes you thin! (Illustrated by a skeleton.)
Yeah. Right. Whatever.

Sitting in the sun and dragging on the second Gauloise, I start wondering about the Armitage obviously channeling his inner hermit [sic!] since his birthday. What if …? What if I really am right about him playing John the Baptist in Yael’s Salomé in Washington from mid-october to mid-november (heading straight to south africa afterwards)? So he might be preparing for rehearsals right now. But because they haven’t published anything about the cast yet, he obviously can’t tweet about it? Losing his head would be a nice twist in his ongoing role-deaths.

After Yael tweeted on february 5, about her new production – I googled if she had cast someone already. On I found casting calls. I never saw “Salomé” on stage, but that strange Ken Russell movie, somewhere back in the 80s. As I was familiar with the story it struck me immediately, that they were searching for every leading role but “John the Baptist”. So I assumed, that she had found her baptist already 😉

This was her latest tweet: an article about two new adaptions of an ancient [sic!] legend and here is a link to the play itself.

Well, we’ll know soon enough.
And I can’t believe that this post took me only an hour and I’m hungry again.

This is going to be a looong day.

17 thoughts on “Moonstruck … part 2: a full moon, PMS & crazy theories about Richard Armitage

        1. frauvonelmdings

          But he mentioned that he fell in love with “Aligot” during his stay in Brazil, right? This is far better, I think 😉
          You can get me with anything that has remotely to do with potatoes, esp. mashed potatoes … I remember when we were in Vegas with our partners and went to an all-you-can-eat buffet that included one steak per person. My husband and some of the guys went first to get their food, while I and the others waited for the waitress for the drink orders. While I was away, one of the guys said, that he thought about ordering a second steak, but my husband said: “Wait till she sees those mashed potatoes with fresh herbs, she’ll surely give you her steak-coupon and just feast on that.” … well, on my return to the table – with a plate mile-high full of mashed potatoes – they all almost fell off their chairs laughing … and he was right, I gave my steak to his partner 😉


  1. Servetus

    That happens to me, too, where I reject some crazy food thought and it just multiplies. I try to give in at the beginning in some way nowadays. Total calorie consumption seems to be less.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Esther

    I have days like this usually when that time of the month comes around… sigh… Does Vodka make you thin, I wonder? I just poured a small glass… 🙂

    As for RA – when will he be filming Edith Wharton’s Summer, is that still on the books? I thought maybe he could be doing that before going to South Africa. Or not…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frauvonelmdings

      4cl has about 90 kcal … 😉
      The only thing I heard about “Summer” was that the female lead they talked about, is about to start filming something else soon … so we’ll have to wait and see 😉


      1. Esther

        Oh. Doesn’t sound promising. I have been looking online and there’s a website and a Facebook page where there have been updates since 2011! There’s even a picture with I think the actor Kyle McLachlan doing a reading, so he may have been on board before for it. Looks like it’s quite hard getting the film made… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it ever happens.

        Liked by 1 person

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