Dinner For One … or: If I had Richard Armitage for Dinner

Three days ago I happened upon a tweet – you know the sort – what if I could invite “4 famous people for dinner”?

There were already some answers: “Jesus of Nazareth, Martin Freeman, Moses and Richard Armitage” and “Henry VIII, Chrissie Evert, Nelson Mandela and Richard Armitage” … normally I just skip such nonsense, but the mentioning of “the Muse” got me thinking … and so I wrote: “I would invite: the Canterville ghost, the Invisible Man, my friend Harvey and Richard Armitage 😉 and Richard could just simply do ALL their voices – this might be interesting.” … yeah well and then I thought:

“Hey, why not simply throw a virtual dinner party?”


Virtual or not – I swear this is what happened when I called Richard to confirm the date 😉 :

Phone ringing.
RA: Hm?
me: Hi, this is the annoying stargazer from Germany. What about dinner at my place, Saturday eve?
RA: What? Who gave you that number?
me: Your publicist.
RA: W O T ??!!
me: Relax, there’ll be three other, er, actors, attending.
RA: What in the world was she thinking? I don’t do “dinner-parties”! I’m an anti-socialite!
me: Yeah, that’s why she thought this might be the perfect setting …
RA: … ?
me: because the other guests will be the Invisible Man, the Canterville Ghost and my friend Harvey.
RA: … but they don’t even exist!
me: I see that you’re beginning to get my point …
RA: The only thing I see, is that you are even madder than I thought!
me: In fact this is a top-secret test-recording for a new talk-show project.
RA: But I hate talk-shows!
me: Yeah I know, so this is one, where you’ll have all the questions & and all the answers.
RA: Pardon?
me: Because you will impersonate the other guests. You know, like in that old Freddie Frinton sketch “Dinner for One”.
RA: But I can’t do voices! This is one thing that haunts m…
me: *SNORTS* Yeah right, she and I had a good laugh about that one …
RA: *unintelligible*
me: Didn’t you just mentioned recently, that you’d like to play the Invisible Man?
RA: yeah, but …
me: 5 courses …
RA: … no, listen …
me: Italian …
RA: … really I …
me: 100% homemade, good wine, Grappa …
RA: *sigh* … ok this sounds like an offer one can’t refuse, but …
me: Well, that’s settled, Mr Moody. See you around 8 then – it’s an informal kitchen-dinner, so just come as you are! *click*
RA: *stares at his phone in disbelief*

As the 72nd mostra d’arte cinematografica in Venice just started, when I read the initial tweet – here’s my “dinner all’italiano” – starting with my most beloved venetian dish:
All prepared by yours truly – recipes on request 😉

17 thoughts on “Dinner For One … or: If I had Richard Armitage for Dinner

  1. CraMERRY

    “But I can’t do voices” quengel, quengel…… Das ist und bleibt der Brüller schlechthin 😉
    Da hast du dir ja eine traum- und zauberhafte Runde zusammengetrommelt!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Esther

    Great idea for a dinner party. All of the food looks delicious and that Harvey dessert really made me laugh! Gorgeous! “Dinner for one” is an absolutely hilarious sketch, I have seen it dozens of times and still love it. It would be interesting to see what Richard would do after a few glasses too many of Grappa…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. frauvonelmdings

      I’ve invented the “Harvey” Panna Cotta about two years ago, as easter dessert. I can’t speak for Richard but when I have a few glasses too many, I’m getting really damn silly … fyi this post was written in a completely sober state 😉
      Oh and I think Richard will do “his very best” as always 😉


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  4. kyh1

    “recipes on request” – Wenn das so ist: Das Harvey Rezept? Bitte Bitte Bitte?
    Harvey (und seine Schwester Harvine) sind bei unserer Tanzgruppe Dauergäste und springen immer ein, wenn wieder jemand fehlt. Sie machen zwar ständig Fehler, aber sie einen es gut. Zu unterscheiden übrigens nur an der Wimpernlänge und der großen rosa Schleife auf Harvines Kopf.
    Und da ich Panna Cotta liebe…

    Liked by 1 person

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