When Neptune meets Saturn. Or: time for a reality check.

During the last 2 years, I learned some important things about my “comfort zone”. First of all, that it actually wasn’t what it seemed to be, but that it somehow had evolved without asking. With a longterm Neptune (Lord of Dreams) transit approaching the cusp of my 7th house of relationships in Pisces (Neptune’s natal realm), transiting Saturn (Lord of Reality) on the cusp of my 4th house (home & comfort zone) AND my natal Neptune which is exactly located there, of course I somehow knew I had it coming.

So in my chart Neptune reigns over relationships and also my “homebase”. Interestingly, this homebase / comfort zone of mine lies in the sign of openminded, adventurous Sagittarius. Often associated with foreign countries, philosophy or finding the meaning of life. Whereas relationships always had a sort of dreaminess to them. But as both transiting planets are forming a square between them for some time now, it’s clearly a time when dreams are confronted with a reality check.

Which so far turned out to be a good thing for me. I’ve met someone just before he was about to experience his second Saturn-return. Which of course also means that this persons Saturn is conjunct my Neptune. While his Neptune is opposite my Saturn. Anyone’s seeing a theme here? I don’t believe in coincidences like that. And so I jumped in. As my North Node (life’s goal) is also in Pisces in my 7th house, experiencing strange relationships of all sorts seems to be my fate. 🙂

So on thursday I’ll be travelling to … well let’s just call it “Far Far Away” or maybe even “Neverland” … to just make some dreams real for a brief period of time and see how it feels. I found my mum’s Angel-Oracle today and just asked it about my trip out of curiosity … this is what I got:


The first card says “go – observe – do” and the second one “enjoy”. This was more than I was hoping for and I’ll certainly do exactly that. So stay tuned. Maybe there’s more to come.

Card deck credits: “Entscheiden mit Engeln” Ryvellus bei Neue Erde ISBN 978-3-89060-427-5
Entscheiden mit Engeln. 54 Karten

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