Some foggy notions on Mercury’s current retrograde …

A lot of things didn’t happen according to plan during this Mercury retrograde period (which is about to end on May 23rd). A lot of things did. And although it felt like a good time for deeper understanding, words are still eluding me.

While on an emotional level … do you know the feeling, when you don’t want to but – for multiple reasons – simply have to leave a certain place and person at a given point? It doesn’t matter that you know, you’ll be back in a couple of weeks. It doesn’t matter that reason tells you that it is probably even for the better, just the way it is.

Because: it just doesn’t FEEL like it. So in a way you’re happy and sad at the same time. And a bit confused. Or a lot. As your brain seems to consist only of foggy notions, it’s hard to tell. In any event – it took me almost five days to start writing about it. Well at least sort of writing about it. 😉

Let’s see what happens when Mercury stations direct on may 23rd … I suspect that in the meantime I’ll find me listening to this a lot:
The Velvet Underground / Foggy Notion

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