When Neptune meets Saturn … aftermath

Yesterday morning I read the inspiring blog post about Neptune turning retrograde on June 13 from “The Butterfly Witch”. In it she wrote “Basically, in Neptune retrograde, the fog lifts …”.

Well in the case of my karmic-relationship-experience – about which I shared some astrological insights over the last 6 months – it certainly did. I had one of the shittiest mondays in the history of shitty mondays. As the karmic-lover was behaving a little too quiet since our last meeting 5 weeks ago, the thought “what would make this monday even more shittier, would be if he decides to break up now” crossed my mind. I sat down, opened my cell phone to just write this jokingly, when *ping* a message from him arrived. Stating, that he finally decided to be honest with me and that he met someone else some weeks ago. Wishing that we might stay friends etc.

At this moment in time Mercury had just entered his home sign – communicative Gemini. Unfortunately his position was then exactly opposite my “hopes and dreams” Neptune, who really didn’t appreciate this message. For some time now transiting Chiron was squaring my Moon – talk about hurt feelings due to decreasing communication, after a stay in “Neverland” which felt like a pretty good time for me.

Transiting Neptune was for some time now stationed exactly on my North Node. In review clearly foggying this point of “where I need to go in my life”. While transiting Saturn did his best in trying to give me a reality check by squaring my nodal axis for the second time since december. I actually had a very clear picture on december 30, when the square was exact for the first time, but … I didn’t liked it. And when the square went away, Neptune moved over the cusp of my 7th house of relationships and then settled on my North Node … and the dreamy-fog was swirling around me. So, rather surprisingly for me, when he turned retrograde yesterday, the fog was blown away hurricanestyle.

I could call it a day now. But the problem is, Neptune will move 4 more times across this point over the next 2 years. So I’ll better be ready when the neptunian fog returns at the end of the year. Maybe Saturn will be able to perform a better reality check for my feelings this time, while in opposition to my Moon shortly thereafter. In a way, I think I even would be up for a second round, as I feel that we haven’t solved this karmic problem properly yet. But that’s probably just my Chiron talking, who’s now on “cold turkey” because his drug called “Mars conjunction”, that felt so so good, has been taken away from him.

So the eternal battle “Dreams vs Reality” begins anew. But I don’t feel like crying. And for the time being I can see clearly now.

8 thoughts on “When Neptune meets Saturn … aftermath

    1. frauvonelmdings

      The final “picture” of what could become of it was still eluding me. But it certainly could have lasted longer. And I’ve already gotten a ticket for my next visit which I only can rebook but not cancel. I think that might have actually triggered Murphy’s Law. I had a strange feeling while booking the 3rd, before going on the 2nd trip…


    2. frauvonelmdings

      And I just saw the free will astrology horoscope – this guy is really spot on sometimes:
      “The prison population in the U.S. is over two million, more than twice what it was in 1990. In contrast, Canada keeps about 41,000 people in jail, Italy 52,000, and France 66,000. That’s the bad news. The good news, at least for you and your tribe, is that a relatively small percentage of you will be incarcerated during the next 15 months. According to my analysis of the astrological omens, Aquarians all over the world will specialize in liberation. Not only will you be extra ethical; not only will you be skillful at evading traps; you will also be adept at emancipating yourself from your own delusions and limitations. Congratulations in advance! It’s time to start singing some new freedom songs.”

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