Oops. The Novel. First Mindmap.

To put the incredible amount of almost 35k single chatmessages from the last 9 months to a good use, I’ve decided to use them in an autobiographical novel about my strange Neptune/Saturn/Karma relationship. As you can see from my first mindmap of acts/chapters it will be not *too* serious, also not too focused on astrology and there will be quite a lot of sex 😉
At the moment the end is still somewhat open, because “Neverland revisited” is about to happen in 4 months time …

Of course I’ll be writing in German first and will need to find a good translator, so english readers might have to wait a bit longer. Because I’m still not sure how this book should “hit the market” maybe you can give me some feedback? Would you like to read it as an ebook – or to read stuff like that at all?

3 thoughts on “Oops. The Novel. First Mindmap.

  1. Guylty

    You really have a knack for chapter titles. Sounds intriguing. And btw – a novel in the shape of text messages would be something really unusual… And yeah, I probably would read something like that as an eBook (partly because it is cheaper).

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