Is there an astrological ‘big bang’ ahead for Trump?

While witnessing the latest #trumpmeltdown I was asking myself if the ‘season finale’ for Trump might be near, astrologically. And in fact there are some major cosmic hints, that all is heading towards a real big bang. I can only hope, that there are enough sensible people left around him, to get him pinned down, before he literally hits the ‘red button’ and decides to take everyone with him, rather than being dragged out of office in shame…

According to the ‘Huber Method’ everyone has two points in his chart called K1 and K2. They are the crossing points between the age progression of the birth chart (described by swiss astrologer Bruno Huber) and the age progression of the nodal chart. Alike the nodal axis K1 and K2 are 180 degrees – respectively 36 years – apart from each other. Now when the individual reaches one of these points during his 72 year journey around his chart, (karmic) past meets present. These are key points for personal development and also often points of crisis. The more so, if planets or house cusps are in close orbit.

In Donald Trump’s chart, K1 is closely conjunct the cusp of his 6th house in Capricorn (K2 accordingly to the cusp of his 12th house in Cancer) which is a very strong placement. This axis is the one of “existence” itself, the ‘to be, or not to be’ axis, if you will. You’ll ask yourself ‘How am I to survive?’ both in a material (6th) and a spiritual (12th) way. So Donald Trump came across K1 in 1976, aged 30. In this year not only his career in real estate started to /really/ take off, but he also met his first wife-to-be Ivana, who later became the mother of his first 3 children.

Ok, now fast forward to 2012, when Trump’s point of age progression met K2, the other end of this existential axis. In 2011 he had considered running against Obama in the 2012 election and had him accused of not being born in the United States to discredit him. Obama ridiculed Trump practically in front of the nation at a White House press dinner hosted by the Washington Post, by presenting his american birth certificate and thus proving Trump wrong. It was widely thought, that this might be the end to Trump’s political ambitions. But this hit home in Trumps most vulnerable spot: he has Chiron in Libra in the 3rd house (the house related to communication), conjunct Jupiter (who is exaggerating everything he touches), which translates in having problems with the media and in general one’s own education, knowledge and communication abilities. A placement like this can also make the individual quite obsessive about gathering information about himself. Combined with the placement of his Mercury – who is the planet related to communication – which is in Cancer, this explains his quite emotional tantrums AND on top of all that his Mercury is square Neptune, which is astrologically one of the most telling signs for a) a very imaginative storyteller or b) a pathological liar.

At this point you might ask ‘Ok, interesting, but what has all of that to do with K2?’ Now in my theory – so close before this 2nd point of ‘to be, or not to be’, Trump was so desperate ‘to be (best)’ that he even told lies about the President. But there are red flags you’d better not ignore: at the time of the press dinner transiting retrograde Saturn was spot on the cusp of Trump’s 3rd house, stopping the liar cold in his tracks.

Interesting about his K2 is, that it is conjunct Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus conjunction in the first degrees of the 12th house. This placement seems to me to work sometimes in a ‘love’s labour’s lost’ way. You can either become a winner or a failure, there is not much in between. Difficulties arise around money and / or love relations. Their placement in the 12th house signales that there is a sort of mental prison around these issues and a deep seated fear of losing money, love and control.

We have seen in the past what power transiting Saturn has. In January 2020 transiting Saturn will team up with transiting Pluto and they will both be in exact opposition to Trumps natal Saturn. This will be already felt some months prior, in fact, it has just begun in my opinion. Saturn is famous for finally ending things, Pluto is the planet of renewal and rebirth. Trumps natal Pluto is in the 12th house – you could interpret this as ‘powerful enemies in disguise’. I won’t make predictions, but this is no easy-peasy transit but of ‘big bang’ quality.

A final interesting find: I had the notion to look up Melania’s chart for clues, as surely she would be most affected, if Trump indeed ‘goes down’. In this very moment (and for quite some time) transiting Uranus is (and will be) conjunct Melania’s Sun. This transit stands for one of the most revolting times of ones life. One of wild instability and chaos, more real than ever and limitations placed upon the individual (by themselves or others) might be blown away. This aspect is also one of the most liberating. We’ll see, what she will make of it.

Never in my wildest dreams I would have thought, that someone like Trump would inspire me to spend quite some time to look into all of this … but his Sun is conjunct my Moon and his Moon is opposite my Moon, while his Leo Mars is opposite my Aquarius Sun – all of this is apparently a real trigger 😉

3 thoughts on “Is there an astrological ‘big bang’ ahead for Trump?

  1. Servetus

    I hope he doesn’t take the world down with him, too. Mrs. Trump must either have nerves of steel or have signed a very punishing prenuptial agreement — I can’t believe she hasn’t bailed by now.

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    1. frauvonelmdings

      Melania has Sun conjunct Saturn in her natal chart. (Which is now ‘targeted’ by Uranus.) This makes her a very disciplined person and also a very patient one. I think she has a dream and she knew very well what she was up to in the first place, when she married Donald Trump. They married a half-cycle (14 years) of Saturn ago – when Trump exactly had his 2nd Saturn return AND Pluto conjunct Moon / opposite Sun. He is now facing transiting Saturn opposite his natal Saturn – the first time he had that Saturn transit (in 1961), his father had thought he was developing in the wrong direction and had just sent him away to a very strict boarding school, the ‘New York Military Academy’ and the last time this Saturn transit happened (in 1991) his first wife Ivana filed for divorce, accusing him of rape. So I can’t see happy times ahead for him now, when not only Saturn but simultaneously Pluto will be opposite his natal Saturn.


  2. Servetus

    I definitely agree she is a clear-headed person who had a plan when she married him. I often wonder how she deals with the fact that nothing that’s happened lately is according to plan. But then I look at her clothing choices and I lose a lot of sympathy with her.

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