Moon in Aries | Go, go, go …

The Moon’s position in your horoscope is the key to your ‘inner child’, to your feelings. It tells you what your basic needs are to feel good, happy and loved on an emotional level. It’s also interesting for parents to know their kid’s moon position, as they act even more out of impulse and gut feelings than grownups.

Unlike the Sun, who changes signs only every month, the Moon does it roughly every 2 and a half days. So if you don’t know your Moon’s position you’ll need your exact time of birth and then check it out easily (and for free) on

The Aries Moon
Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and the first of the three fire signs. When the Sun enters Aries, it’s the ‘new year’ for Astrologers. I added a very typical quote for this Moon placement from a famous Moon-in-Aries woman: Angelina Jolie.

This Moon is full of energy, he feels good when he’s out and about and something’s afoot. Running, climbing trees, building things – you name it. If someone with an Aries Moon’s got an idea, he wants to pursue it immediately. Patience is not their strongest suit. Calmly staying indoors or sitting still for hours at school or work is clearly not preferred. People with an Aries Moon who can’t act out their energy in a good way, will quickly become unbearable and even aggressive.

People with this Moon placement like to act independently from an early age on and they really need their freedom. ‘Helicopter parents’ or clingy partners are an Aries Moon’s worst nightmare. Parents should involve their kids in positive family events or group activities regularly. By this showing them gently, that competing with others is supposed to be fun for all sides and doesn’t always have to develop into ‘Aries Moon against the World’.

All in all an Aries Moon is cheerful and spontaneous. He’s brave and will tell you what he wants and not beat around the bush. His willpower is really something and he’ll not shy away from confrontations. He likes games with ‘body contact’ and he sure likes sex, but neither kids nor grownups are big ‘cuddlers’. An Aries Moon lover might rather like a pillow fight as foreplay than a sensual massage…

Hey you Aries Moon peeps out there: can you relate to this? Feel free to comment and share your personal view 🙂

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