Moon in Taurus | Touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me

The Moon’s position in your horoscope is the key to your ‘inner child’, to your feelings. It tells you what your basic needs are to feel good, happy and loved on an emotional level. It’s also interesting for parents to know their kid’s moon position, as they act even more out of impulse and gut feelings than grownups.

Unlike the Sun, who changes signs only every month, the Moon does it roughly every 2 and a half days. So if you don’t know your Moon’s position you’ll need your exact time of birth and then check it out easily (and for free) on

The Taurus Moon
Taurus is the first of the three earth signs. I have added quotes from famous Moon-in-Taurus people: Iggy Pop (who allegedly invented stagediving and likes to do it half-naked) and Sigourney Weaver who – in contrast to Pop’s more physical remark – covers the ‘brainy’ aspect of the Taurus Moon.

Someone with a Taurus Moon feels emotional secure when wrapped in a hug. Physical contact, sensory perception of his own body and others are at the center of his emotions.
For him getting physical, being caressed, cuddled, touched and kissed says more “I love you” than words ever could.

A Taurus Moon Person loves being at home and is not someone who wants to go out and party every other night. He likes to have company, to feel someone at his side, but that doesn’t mean, that his partner has to entertain him constantly. He has not a lot of hobbies but the ones he has are pursued intensively. He can easily spend hours doing ‘his thing’ and feeling perfectly happy.

Too many new impressions can quickly feel overwhelming – this Moon needs time to process things. He likes to repeat actions until they are perfect. If there is one Moon sign that the teletubbies were invented for, this is probably it. This is the type who loves to re-visit holiday destinations for years without feeling bored, who likes to re-read favorite books, to play the same games over and over until they somehow become a part of him. He doesn’t like to be rushed and might appear stubborn from time to time. To feel ‘balanced’ he needs time for himself and a ‘safe haven’ at home.

As a lover a Taurus Moon takes his time. He likes to involve all senses, to watch, hear, feel, taste and smell his partner, to explore every inch. Though he might enjoy a ‘quickie’ once in a while – as he loves every form of physical contact – he would always choose the longest possible foreplay.

Hey you Taurus Moon peeps out there: can you relate to this? Feel free to comment and share your personal view 🙂

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