Moon in Gemini | Talking Heads

The Moon’s position in your horoscope is the key to your ‘inner child’, to your feelings. It tells you what your basic needs are to feel good, happy and loved on an emotional level. It’s also interesting for parents to know their kid’s moon position, as they act even more out of impulse and gut feelings than grownups.

Unlike the Sun, who changes signs only every month, the Moon does it roughly every 2 and a half days. So if you don’t know your Moon’s position you’ll need your exact time of birth and then check it out easily (and for free) on

The Gemini Moon
Gemini is the first of the three air signs. The common trademark of Moon-in-Gemini people like Barack Obama, Joan Baez or Jake Gyllenhaal is that they have “a way with words”. As I’m a member of this ‘tribe’, too, I should know 😉

A Gemini Moon is curious (sometimes waaayyyy too curious), a quick thinker and easily bored if his brain isn’t stimulated regularly. If you read a new book to a kid with this Moon placement or answer his (sometimes endless) questions, it will have the best of times. Comfort here is strongly connected to intellectual exercise and playing with thoughts. If you happen to know a precocious little ‘professor’ it’s very likely that this he or she’s got a Gemini Moon.

On one side books might be his best friends, but on the other side this double-faced-sign is very spontaneous, sociable and easily connects with other people. Committing and feeling obligated to others are clearly not preferred, they like to keep things easy and airy, talking here, laughing there and then off to the next event. Gemini Moon people are somehow born procrastinators, not because they don’t love what they do, but they always end up starting too many projects at once and then struggle to juggle all of these over their respective ‘finish line’.

Gemini Moon people have a pretty factual approach to emotions, they are clear thinkers and very good in dissecting feelings or seeing things calmly from all possible perspectives. They need parents or partners who encourage them to not only talk about feelings, but e.g. show sorrow by crying, or fun by laughing out loud. In a way, they are the ‘Spocks’ of the zodiac. In fact I’m now even questioning Leonard Nimoy’s time of birth at 8.30pm, for me he feels a lot more like Gemini than Cancer Moon. If he would have been born before 12.52pm he’d have a Gemini Moon – in my head, he has now 😉

As a lover a Gemini Moon maybe symbolizes more than any other the “unbearable lightness of being”. They like to flirt and move through daily life with a certain easiness and flexibility. Some refuse entirely to commit emotionally and only have casual sex ‘no feelings attached’. When they are of the ‘committing sort’ they tend to connect with their partner’s brain first – sapiosexuality might be another trademark – and then sex will only happen with people they can really connect to (and trust me, they are reeaaally picky). All in all both sorts of Gemini Moon lovers are curious and once their spontaneity takes over, are always open for new experiences. So if you want to keep your Gemini Moon lover happy, keep trying new things once in a while.

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