April 30 to May 1 … Walpurgisnacht • Night of the Witches

Ahhh … the perfect night for flying spirits 🙂 now this might come as a newsflash for you, but I’ve enjoyed reading cards even longer than doing astrology.

The first deck was brought into our household in the mid 70s by my aunt (another spiritual woman in the family, she joined the late Michael Barnett’s wild goose company shortly thereafter and is still working as a Diamond Yoga teacher). It was called “Abraxas – the astrosensory game of fate” and although it’s not available in print anymore, I’ve found an online version of it some years ago – you can access it here: ABRAXAS I still own the original deck and guidebook.

Next there came the fascination for the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck and it was again my aunt, who gave me a very interesting book written about it, that sadly got lost in time and space. Some 20 years ago when our little family coven (my mom, my sister and I) had decided to live again under one roof, and as a present for us we got (from my aunt, but I think you might’ve guessed that by now) ‘The transformation game’. Woah. That was quite something, completely mindboggling. You can find out more about its origins here: THE TRANSFORMATION GAME of course I still have it – I just wonder why all this stuff decided to stick to me?

I think I already wrote about using the ‘Deciding with Angels’ deck some 4 years ago, here on the blog. I really like them for a single (or double) card draw. The beautiful I Ging Oracle Cards based on the chinese traditional 64 hexagrams are giving more complex answers, but are also eerily accurate, when asked with a clear mind (and when you know your question!). The latest addition to my collection of decks is Kim Krans ‘The wild unknown animal spirit’ deck. I just LOVE this deck. Working with it feels quite easy, I’ve decided that I’ll always draw two cards from it: one for the questioner and one for his situation.

Ok, why am I opening up about all this tonight? Because I’ve had a recent epiphany and decided to develop my own oracle card deck. Oh yes! The joy! The creativity outburst! This will take some time to be sure and in the meantime I’d like to announce hereby that I’ll be offering card readings for those of you interested, to keep my mojo going 🙂

You can choose between these 3 decks:
– Entscheiden mit Engeln / Deciding with Angels
Entscheiden mit Engeln. 54 Karten
– I Ging – Klaus & Marlies Holitzka
– The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit
The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook (Official Keepsake Box Set)
Each reading is 7,50 € for 2 cards, or 20,00 € for one reading out of each of the three decks (payable via Paypal in advance).
Please feel free to contact me via info@planetschade.com and as it’s witches night, the first 7 requests get a special offer of 5,00 € for one reading (or 15,00 for one reading out of each of the three decks).

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