The 7 year itch … or: Happy Birthday to the Muse

On this day, 7 years ago I joined Twitter, because the actor Richard Armitage had chosen his 43rd birthday to join and literally legions of fans followed suit. Now today he’s celebrating his 50th and I thought it a good time to reflect on the past 7 years. My ‘active time’ in the RA fandom was rather short but incredibly inspiring.

And when I look at the blog stats I can see that my astrological article on the Francis Dolarhyde part from august 22, 2015 is still the fifth most viewed blog entry in 2021. Mindboggling 🙂

I’m still loosely in virtual contact with fellow fans, I own a wonderful Dolarhyde shrine from Sonja (Guilty), a Francis plushie from Nancy (Sinnamin), ‘lovelovelove’ keychains that Kelly sent to me after attending the play in NYC and of course the Thorin autograph card on which he has drawn a smoking cigarette that I bid on on ebay.

Not to forget my own drawings, video- and virtual-art.

So it’s a little walk on memory lane today … mostly inspired by Servetus, because I’ve just watched the birthday vid on her blog this morning. One thing stuck from it in particular: the thing about curiosity. Curiosity really is the greatest driving force for me. Well … and chocolate. 😉

Here’s to the muse and birthday boy … many happy returns of the day!

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